Ibiza story in pictures

After a few very busy weeks doing shows, shoots, commercials and hostess work I realy wanne take a moment for a throwback to Ibiza. Last week we did the amazing Ronald Kolk show: ‘Una Vera Favola Carnavalesca’ at the Church in Goes powered by DC Models. Beside the Ronald Kolk show we did a fantastic Pré show with entrepreneurs from Goes. Again it was a magical experience. Not only for me but also for the guests from the Netherlands and Ibiza who were also part of this magical fairy tale. When I saw Monica, stylist for Spanish Vogue and Elle, and Rachel, former PA for Vivienne Westwood and now eventmanager at AtzarÓ last week, our lovely friends from Ibiza it was a perfect beginning to that throwback to our Ibiza fairy tale!



Beside the wonderful shows we do in Ibiza, we also do a lot of shoots for fashion brands. With Tamás Kooning Lansbergen ( a Dutch photographer living in Ibiza ) and Daan van Stek ( our DC Models photographer) we visited some very nice and cool hotpots of the Island. It was a long day with 16 models but every spot was perfect for each different brand. Everybody knows that typical Ibiza shot but, it wasn’t with our shoots for Marney & Me, World Family Ibiza, Felt, Beatrice San Fransisco, Diesel and My Brand. Every brand had his own spot that perfectly fits the brand. It’s funny to say but every spot was close to the other , but they all look so different and that’s cool to see.

Marney & Me

The cuteness and independence of Marney & Me came out perfectly at this beautifull little abandond old fisherman’s port.





Diesel & My Brand

Close to that spectacular port there was a realy cool graffity hotspot for the brands Diesel and My Brand. Also the old boats and monuments did a good job for this shoot! The Dutch streetwear really rocks in this place.

Felt by Natalie

The beautiful handmade felt dresses and shawls let nature glow. You don’t need more for this amazing handcrafted products!




Beatrice San Fransisco

The powerfull and simplicity off Beatrice San Fransisco. Beautiful textilles with beautiful male models from DC Models.



World Family Ibiza

Last but not least the lovely brand World Family Ibiza. I love those people and their handmade clothes. The colors, textiles, and wonderful identity came out on this field. Our modelling team was asked to put our own identity in these outfits. This way we tried to make a difference.



I’m gratefull to have done these shoots with amazing people and influences from Ibiza! Thanks to Daan van Stek, Tamas Kooning Lansbergen, all the brands, DC Models and especially Ibiza for these amazing results. I am looking forward to our new campaigns in Ibiza with Dutch and Spanish brands.



After the lovly shows we did last weekend: ‘ Stephan Badal Couture show & Walk the 250 m runway show in Den Bosch.’ I can say Hello to a fresh week in Holland, See u Soon Ibiza!

-xoxo- Amy











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