‘Una Vera Favola Carnavalesca’ – Ronald Kolk Haute Couture

Last monday Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk was transformed into a real ‘Una Vera Favola Carnavalesca’. Ronald Kolk ( a Dutch couturier ) gave his autumn/winter 2017 show in this beautiful hotel. With his theme ‘Una Vera Favola Carnavalesca’ he created an magical place. We had the honor being a part of it. Models of DC Models had a role in this magical fairy tale and I was one of them. When I heared he chose me to be the bride of his autumn/winter collection 2017 I was very honored. At the same time I had some good nerves, because it was my first show for this amazing designer, but we rocked it and it was a fantastic experience.

When we arrived I knew a lot of models who run the ‘Una Vera Favola Carnavalesco’ show for Ronald Kolk. In the last 7 years I made a lot of trips with them and learned a lot of tricks of the fashion-industry from these models. So it was familair but my nerves where still there! First of all we could relax at the make-up artists. I say ´relax´ but it’s still not comfortable for me to sit quitly in a chair for a while. I’m not able to do that for a few hours. But the results were beautiful. The artists from Mieke Petit and Maurice Pierrot gave all the models a white skin. I never thought my skin could be whiter but I know now that it is possible and when I saw it in the whole picture it was absolutely perfect in the theme. So make-up is done let’s make a switch to the hair artists from Pierôt. And yes, also credits to them, with the creations of Mieke Petit and Pierôt I really felt like a Venatian Princess. After the rehearsels, fittings, make-up and hair we were ready to run the show!


When we dressed up in our first outfits, I converted the figurative button on. For every show you have to act differently at the wishes of the designer. For this show I turned into a Venatian princess. Be one with the creations and we had to walk very slowly. Not the style I prefer, because I love to walk fast in the beat. But for this theme it was breathtaking. When you saw the models, creations and the beautiful ledwall you stepped right into the fairytale. Then the moment came when I turned into a Venatian bride and did the final with an amazing dancer from Lucia Marthas Academy, Jeffrey and LA The Voices. Thanks a lot Ronald for letting me be part of this beautiful fairytale. Also a special thanks to Noël, Joyce & Yaël for backstage coordination.

It was a pleasure and I can’t wait to do this show again with my agency DC Models at the ´Goes Couture Night´in Goes upcoming September 22 . Do you also wanna be a part of this magical Venatian fairy tale? Be there, September 22 @ the Maria Magdalena Church! More info & tickets: Overhere!!!


See you in Goes,


-xoxo- Amy


PhotoCredits: Frank Vaessen – Artfotos.nl – Sydney Korsse – Marcoterbeekphotography – Party&Concert.nl – Mireille Martis


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