100% Urban in Ibiza: ‘9 lives in Ithaca’

I promised you I would let you know all about our Ibiza adventures. After two trips to the Island this summer, I’m unfortunately back in windy Netherlands now. Not so bad because we keep on going there also, but I wouldn’t mind if I could swap with Ger & Dyon who are still working at our office in Ibiza right now. My thoughts and memories are still there. 100% Urban in Ibiza, Yes it definitely was! With a group of 15 models we flew to Ibiza. A group from Belgium, a group from Rotterdam, a group from Amsterdam and even two from Portugal. The weather at our arrival was horrible, but after a cosy dinner in the storm with the complete group, I knew that we would rock the 100% Urban show!

For only 48 hours we were on Ibiza. After an amazing photoshoot with Rue Petit photographer Vanessa in the Old Town of Ibiza (Eivissa) we moved the whole bunch to Agroturismo AtzarÓ again. AtzarÓ is só beautiful. Especially this time with all the works of art from the artists of the award winning event Urban in Ibiza: ‘Nine lives in Ithaca’. It was a pleasure to work with the London West Bank Gallery and ofcourse to meet the founder/director, Paul ‘Dizzi’ Saunders there.


With leather jackets from OMSCU, Paul and his team created replicas of the British government’s red budget boxes. The works of art tell, at the ninth edition of Urban in Ibiza, a story of the fictitious Ministry of Offence. Inspired by hidden meanings of the ‘hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil’ monkeys (cabinet ministers).

Each jacket has its story and with the Cami and Jax Swimwear and the hair and make-up done by Bellissima Ibiza it was an urban statement. I absolutely loved it. We looked like regular geisha’s.

Do you agree when you see the photos from Rue Petit – stephanie.love.photography – Tamara Sini?

Thanks a lot to all the artists from the London West Bank Gallery, Agroturismo AtzarÓ, Bellissima Ibiza, Cami and Jax and ofcourse all the models from DC Models @ Ibiza to make these days possible and wonderful.

For all the stuff and info from Ibiza, LIKE the new facebookpage ‘DC Models at Ibiza’ and you’ll never miss our adventures on the Island! – https://www.facebook.com/DCModelsatIbiza/

See U Soon, Cheers Bitches!

-xoxo- Amy

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