Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week is done, and I was a small part of it. It was definitely on my bucketlist and now it came true. For designer Christian Lagerwaard I went to Paris for a few days. We showed his new fall/winter collection 2017 for the pers. We did some shoots and did TV recordings for Luxery TV Live. Not only the clothes were wonderful, the whole experience was amazing.



We arrived at beautiful Paris by midnight. I was knackered from the trip, so I was happy when I arrived at the hotelroom. But….. when I saw the breathtaking view I could say: ‘ Bonjour Paris!’

Quite early the crew and I were on our way to Atelier Neérlandais. Funny to say, that this was my first modeltrip with my sister! The 2 ‘DC Models sisters’ booked both by Christian Lagerwaard and we will also be flying to Ibiza together next week. Yeah, Isn’t that lovely? Alright, I have one thing to say to our make-up artist Darien;’ You did such a good job!’ We looked like modeldolls and it made the look complete. We looked ultra fenimine and confident in the clothes of Christian Lagerwaard. Damn, It was amazing. Not just the fabrics,.. It was everything. The deep colors, quality and shape where correct. Not only I thought so, because that was also what Society Magazine told me when I had a small talk with them.



The next day we did some TV recordings for Luxery TV Live. Christian took some interviews and told full of passion about his new fall / winter collection. After that we did a toast on the succes of these days!


Thanks for having me Paris, Christian Lagerwaard and DC Models. Ger & Dyon are leaving for Ibiza today. It’s finally Atzaró Fashion Festival time! Yeah, See You this Saturday boys, Cheers Bitches!


-xoxo- Amy


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