Zara Pieces

Finally we can embrace the summer! The most of you are graduated from highschool and we’re looking forward to our trips to Paris & Ibiza for DC Models. First I will be going to Paris for designer Christiaan Lagerwaard, I totally love it, my first show in Paris, I’m so excited! After that we will be flying to Ibiza, truly the place to be. I’m honored they booked me for the second time. The show ‘AtzarÓ Fashion Festival’ is an amazing experience. So much fun and a free, good ambiance. This week my girl Aida is back from Hamburg. So we decided to have a Zara week! It’s like a candyshop. Zara has everything to combine your own look. All pieces from Zara or from some little cute shops in Ibiza.

It’s a season that giving us endless pleasures. Everything seems so much easier and fun in the sun. Even the constantly recurring question: “What am I going to wear?” is replied in no time. All we need is a top and some flower pants – and voilà, your outfit for the day is already styled! If you decide for a long dress, My first choice is my long blue dress from Ibiza. It’s so easy to wear and you can turn it in to all kinds of different looks. Today I’ve chosen for a hippy look with my Ibiza- booties and bag, but it’s effortlessly chic when styled casually with some heels and super feminine combined with sandals of some nice sneakers. I’m sure there are many many more perfect pieces that make long dresses look fabulous.

So did Aida, she combined high heels with her long dress. This makes it look very sexy and chic! I totally love her legs here. She’s on fire. I chose the red look this week. I’m so in love with this long red blazer. It’s a perfect fit, Thanks Zara!

When we are at home, our bathrobe is our biggest friend! But for sure, our Zara looks make it compleet to embrace the summer.  Cheers to that Bitches!

xoxo Aida & Amy

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